Learning More About USC. There clearly was lot to understand about USC.

Learning More About USC. There clearly was lot to understand about USC. As admission counselors we have been charged with learning about150 majors and 150 minors across 14 departments. Each summer we dedicate time and energy to visit with representatives, professors and present students from our scholastic departments to be raised to speed in the brand new and exciting things happening on campus.

We began our quest for information during the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism where we had been greeted with both gourmet cookies (our colleagues at Annenberg know we’ve a sweet enamel) and a presentation about a few of the amazing opportunities Annenberg students had over the past year. We had been specially impressed to find out that 21 of our Journalism pupils had the ability to intern during the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Our next end was the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences where we met with Vice Dean Steve Lamy who spoke about problem-based learning opportunities like Problems without Passports and Maymester, as well as the wide variety of undergraduate research opportunities. It was exciting to listen to about Dr. Lamy’s Problems without Passports trip to the Arctic. He took a group of 18 students that are USC including nine freshmen, to master more about the spot and the consequences of global warming. The trip started in Stockholm where students studied comfort research, met with the chair associated with the Arctic Council, the Russian Ambassador of Sweden after which with Green Peace Ambassadors. The trip ended in St. Petersburg where they spent the Fourth of July in the Gulf of Finland ending up in top experts. What an opportunity!

Our visit towards the Viterbi class of Engineering included a student panel that is impressive. We came across students that has committed their free time to working in the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab. The goal that is ultimate of Rocket Propulsion Lab is to be the initial band of university students to launch a rocket into room, and so they are getting pretty close! In true USC fashion, the lab is available to ALL USC students, not only to students studying engineering.

Campus Dining Options


The brand new academic year promises new classes, new friends, as well as on our campus, new dining options! Over this past summer time, our campus experienced many updates such as the addition of some other traditional dining hall. In addition to EVK and Parkside, Café 84 now serves our undergraduates being a dining facility that is residential. These three dining halls are strategically located throughout our campus to give our students options that are convenient steps from their dorm room.

Wellness nuts and junk food lovers will both find something to match their palette on campus. With salad bars, smoothies, wok channels, waffle manufacturers, grills and a number of ice cream/frozen yogurt options, there is one thing for everyone. The Tutor Campus Center provides restaurants and cafes such as Seeds market that features grab ‘n get options as well as made-to-order sandwiches and salads. Lemonade is a cafe which offers familiar dishes that are healthy creative twists. Panda Express, Wahoo’s Fish Taco and Carl’s Jr. serve familiar fare. And of course, what campus center would be complete without staples such as pizza and coffee? Students can order salads, pastas, and pizzas at California Pizza Kitchen or purchase a coffee that is favorite ice-blended beverage at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. As well as the options at the Campus Center, there are different cafes throughout campus, including Trojan Grounds which can be available 24/7 and it is operated by Starbucks.

Kosher entrees are available at Parkside (IRC) and at Seeds Marketplace. There’s additionally the SChalom floor that facilitates Kosher cooking in resident kitchens. USC has expanded kosher options in recent years, including making hot kosher entrees available on a basis that is daily. Places like LiteraTea have fresh kosher salads available every day, as well.

Our students undoubtedly have a large selection of options when it comes to finding brain food on campus. The the next time you see, we hope you are going to grab a snack and experience a taste of what our campus has to offer!

Types of High School Visits


We admission officers are royal vegas bonus codes 2018 currently within the thick of what we call travel season. We’re busy visiting students that are prospective high schools across the country. A typical school that is high comprises of providing information about USC where we are located, what types of educational programs we offer, exactly what campus life is love and also contains information concerning the admission procedure and application.

That is my 4th travel season, which means I’ve experienced many kinds of high college visits. Each see has a slightly altered format and the amount of time for a visit can differ, also. One form of senior school see occurs whenever we have a whole class duration to meet with prospective pupils. These often occur in a classroom or in the guidance office conference room or lobby area. Typically, we’ve significantly more than enough time and energy to discuss USC and answer any questions that come up.

Another kind of see we see does occur during a school’s meal duration. Often we will sit within the lunch room area, while other times we possibly may be situated in a hallway outside of where students are eating so that students can come grab a brochure once they have chance. This is really a great chance of schools that aren’t able to let students miss class to talk to college admission officers.

The mini-fair set-up is a common variety of visit during which multiple universities attend the same senior high school at equivalent time so pupils is able to see a variety of schools to see the similarities and differences between universities. Although students are able to consult with different university representatives, there is perhaps not frequently time to know a full presentation about any one university.

Each school that is high a unique forum for students to understand about college opportunities. We do give students the opportunity to ask any specific questions they may be curious about while we have specific topics to discuss. Before a USC representative comes to check out your school, you may want to invest some right time thinking by what you are looking for in a college and come ready with specific questions that may help guide your college search.

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